Seek the Buzz


It is said that the taste of success is sweet, but it is the culmination of a great deal of tireless organizational movement, just like that found in a beehive. In fact, business can learn a great deal from the sticky activities of the humble bee.

The CEO, or “Queen Bee” establishes the colony and sets the direction and longevity for its future. However, if the Queen Bee gets a tad tired and lacks the support of the total bee population, the hive will swarm and the the life of the CEO bee will indeed become short lived.

Some General Managers are like “Drones” where they happily lounge about in a state of privilege where others do their work and continually feed them with inspiration. However, their prestigious life is short lived because once they have done the “deed” with the Queen and are no longer required, they are quickly made redundant and their functions are absorbed into the food chain of the colony as a legacy for its long term sustenance.

The majority of employees are the “Worker Bees” of the business who keep the financial entity fully buzzing in a state of harmonious order, and with a continual influx of much needed inspiration from the outside market.

Occasionally “The Board” comes along and smokes out the business via regular inspections to ensure the hive is operating effectively. Any areas of concern are swiftly removed awaiting the required correction, which may be a new Queen Bee.

The output from the business is deemed “honey” which can be sold to the market for cash where it is used as a core ingredient to drive recipes of innovation in a range of applications.

Occasionally pests and other undesirable vermin may try and infiltrate the hive. Should they be successful, they are like a virus that is difficult to eliminate. Hence the need for a trusty IT guard at the hive entrance to keep those classified as unwelcome well and truly away.

So to achieve a meaningful buzz in your corporate office, it is important to make sure that every employee knows their strategic role in the honeycomb structure. And should one bee, regardless of their stature hierarchy, flap their wings out of the requisite corporate vibration, they will quickly encounter a rather unsavoury end to their corporate career. For others, life will be blissfully delicious.


To Bee or not to Bee?


I love looking at bees, they are just so busy flying from one flower to the next one in their quest for pollen. Bees have what I call true commitment to their job!

Our friend the bee doesn’t just focus on the pollen from one flower, but seeks out a variety of flowers to expand and complement its pollen supply. When the bee has sufficient pollen stocks, it buzzes back to the hive and willingly shares its collection booty with the total bee community. Here, other bees are allocated specific tasks to utilise and transform these collections to sustain and embellish current and future bee generations.

We can learn a lot from bees from a business and innovation perspective.

We too should follow the lead of the bee and seek ideas (“pollen”) from a variety of different sources. These can then be shared with our fellow co-workers whose job it is to then transform and work these ideas further into tangible and practical concepts to benefit the whole organisation.

The secret is to have many people generating these ideas, because once they start to dwindle, the long term survival of the total business (or community) is at risk.

So…..we need to get out amongst the corporate garden and “Buzz” with gusto!