To Bee or not to Bee?


I love looking at bees, they are just so busy flying from one flower to the next one in their quest for pollen. Bees have what I call true commitment to their job!

Our friend the bee doesn’t just focus on the pollen from one flower, but seeks out a variety of flowers to expand and complement its pollen supply. When the bee has sufficient pollen stocks, it buzzes back to the hive and willingly shares its collection booty with the total bee community. Here, other bees are allocated specific tasks to utilise and transform these collections to sustain and embellish current and future bee generations.

We can learn a lot from bees from a business and innovation perspective.

We too should follow the lead of the bee and seek ideas (“pollen”) from a variety of different sources. These can then be shared with our fellow co-workers whose job it is to then transform and work these ideas further into tangible and practical concepts to benefit the whole organisation.

The secret is to have many people generating these ideas, because once they start to dwindle, the long term survival of the total business (or community) is at risk.

So…..we need to get out amongst the corporate garden and “Buzz” with gusto!

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  1. Maggie Goldie

     /  July 28, 2013

    Hi Steve,
    I don’t know anyone who ‘buzzes’ better than you!!
    Hope you are enjoying your new role.


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