If The Head Fits, Then Wear It


This afternoon I was standing nonchalantly at the corner of a busy road intersection painfully aware of the intense bright Australian sun beaming down on my hairless head with absolute ferocity. “Why was I not wearing a hat?” It was quite stupid really when I actually thought about, particularly when reminded by my delicate skinned head as it quickly transitioned to a pink coloured and progressively uncomfortable warm state.

Looking around at my fellow Melbourne city lunchtime walkers, I literally saw no hats adorning the head of any fashionable suit clad man, nor elegantly and spiffily dressed woman. The only hats observed seemed to be situated on the heads of the elderly, or those below the age of 20 in the shape of a mod-looking cap, complete with a market approved logo emblazoned just above its peak. In the years past, men and woman all wore hats that complemented and embellished their business attire, and which provided them with a distinctive look that was most dashing, sophisticated, and had that mark of business professionalism. So, why the change in our cultural hat appreciation? Was it due to the long, free flowing hairstyles of the sixties, seventies and eighties decades where the hair-boof factor made wearing a hat not socially acceptable, nor possible, owing to the excessive follicular volume?

One will never know, but the time is now ripe for a global corporate hat revolution!

Oui, Vive Le Chapeau!

My fellow corporate office compatriots, go on, don’t procrastinate any longer, take action, heed this call to your head and wear a hat!

I can hear your objections, one in particular, that being, what about the dreaded look of “hat hair”? Relax, all will be just fine, mainly as this newly acquired hair look will soon become a fashion statement that publicly notifies the world that you have elected to protect the longer term wellbeing of your head, and are now an accredited and chicly respected wearer of hats! Yes, you will be a modern trendsetter, and one that will soon be a stylish pioneer that will be ogled with extreme envy by the unfortunate hatless few.

Now, for any HR Managers reading this blog post, there is now one strategically important office furniture addition that you will quickly need to purchase to maintain employee morale, that being a hat stand so as to cope with the massive influx of hats!

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  1. I’m not really sure what I’d do with a hat, except to toss it up enthusiastically when I had some bit of good news.

  2. Recent blog follower

     /  November 30, 2015

    Ok hat it is!

  3. Yay, I love hats, but no one wears them anymore such a shame. I have a secret stash that I bring out (to loud moans from family) every summer, “sun protection”. 🙂

  4. As a Canadian, I wear hats — not for fashion, but for warmth. And frozen ears don’t look good on anyone! I do, however, love wide-brimmed, flamboyant sun hats…the bigger, the better. Of course, since I am tiny, the hat often appears to be wearing me. But do I care? No, I do not. I say go big or go home…

    Thanks for checking out ‘Hey Ma, I’m Home’. Glad you enjoyed it. We have a lot of fun writing it.

  5. It’s an interesting point. When did hats go out of fashion? My dad always had to wear a hat on the golf course as magpies loved divebombing his bare head. I like them in winter but keep losing them so scarves are easier

  1. If the Hat Fits, Wear It « Fashion

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