Taking Your Brand to New Promotional Heights


According to my trusted meteorological iPhone app, the timing looked just right. It was 2:04 PM and by my reckoning, the clouds were at the optimum “Genus Cumulus” appearance so I should achieve the desired picture “hang time distribution” before the visual sight was dispersed by the wind. My calculations indicated that I should have about 10 minutes to brand my customised CV message to the population of New York.

I quickly glanced once again on how my image and brief professional experience synopsis looked on the “LinkedIn Cloud Projector” in preview mode, yes it all looked good. I was hoping that the QR code would come through with the right definitional clarity so potential business prospects could scan my profile details with ease. My only concern was the timing of the 2:05 PM supersonic Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York as it could cause some cloud turbulence when it commences its gradual decent into JFK airport, but that’s one of the risks associated with personal cloud advertising these days.

OK, it was now time to press the Cloud Projector button and start the process. Immediately a thirty square kilometre coloured, and rather snazzy image of myself was beamed skywards with vibrant intensity. I was also pleased that I had spent the extra dollars on the additional promotional advertising, as suggested by the LinkedIn sales agent, as the large sonic boom with the accompanying missile explosion at 2000 feet above the New York skyline appeared to have caught the upwards attention of the New York crowds particularly nicely.

I smirked with some personal pride as my large handsome face (well, I thought so anyway) beamed across from above, that was, until that pesky Virgin Atlantic flight descended through my left nostril. However, I was relieved, as the QR code seemed to remain intact. For the next few minutes I watched as my portrait hovered quietly above New York until some high level winds decided to take one ear in the direction of Newark, the other towards Brooklyn. A few minutes later I had vanished into the upper atmosphere, except for my left eye, which remained with a look of naughtiness down on the city, then, with a final momentary wink, that also eventually disappeared.

Suddenly, I was awakened from my feeling of self-righteousness by the continual interruption of text messages on my phone. Yep, it appears that the “LinkedIn Cloud Projector” advertisement had worked! However, when the forty-first text message arrived, I was immediately brought back to reality, it was the LinkedIn invoice. Oh well, I suppose that’s the price of corporate fame!

Sold, For Sale, or Open for Inspection?

For Sale

When you have outgrown your current home, you then start the process of looking for a new house. As part of this process, you typically have a list outlining the criteria that your new home must have (eg location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, etc). To complement this list, there are also the “nice to haves”, which could vary from a spa and sauna to a star gazing observatory in the loft, plus more!

As you progress through the searching process, for those houses that you are interested in pursuing further, there are three real estate signs located outside the front of these homes that typically catch your eye, “Sold”, “For Sale” and “Open for Inspection”.

“Sold” – forget this one, too late……but how much did it sell for?
“For Sale” – this looks interesting, I wonder what it’s like inside?
“Open For Inspection” – yep, let’s go in and have a look around and check it out.

This house searching process got me thinking……how do we promote ourselves in our place of employment and externally in the market from an innovation and creativity perspective?

Do people also view us with us with these “real estate” signs?

“Sold” – no new ideas, no interest in thinking differently, go away and stop bothering me!
“For Sale” – you have a range of valued creative ideas that you would like to share and promote within your workplace and the broader market.
“Open For Inspection” – you have some innovative thoughts that you would welcome feedback from your work colleagues which can then be modified as appropriate.

So…..what sign are you displaying?

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