The Benefits of Man-Flu


In the Southern hemisphere, as the days now get colder, there is an all too familiar sound that is starting to be heard, that being; “arrrhhh chooo!” It is typically the unwelcome sign that signals the onset of the thinking man’s worst fear, that being the dreaded “man-flu”.

Yes, this condition is debilitating on the male form. All physical activity quickly grinds to a reluctant halt, accompanied by feeble pleas for female support and loving reassurance that the world as we know it will not end.

During this time, those afflicted with this thankfully curable diagnosis are forced to ponder life, the universe, and the Foxtel sports channel guide, whilst patiently recuperating in a large king-sized bed, or on a strategically positioned and well cushioned couch. We suffer in silence as we consume endless cups of hot coffee or tea, complete with the occasional snack of peanuts, chips and maybe a token lemon enriched vitamin supplement, as we blow our noses in between the TV advertising breaks.

However, as is typical with most “near-death” experiences, once the man-flu sufferer has triumphed over the worst part of this malady and can see that their short-term life prospects will actually be regained; they have time to reflect on the important things in their life. This “time of reflection”, known amongst males as “milking the best of the condition before the female knows that we are actually feeling better” is when our creativity and acting skills are maximised to new levels of innovation. Without this male innate skill that is passed secretly from father to son, our opportunity for “reflection” would be drastically cut short, as would our hold on the sacred TV remote control button.

Now for all you HR Managers reading this blog post please don’t be too quick in rejecting any requested sick leave applications where you now doubt the authenticity of the male requester. Why, because your company’s dedicated male employees have been cleverly utilizing their time at home to fine-tune and improve their imagination skills, all part of their “time of reflection”. So, just approve the application, rolls your eyes, and say, “typical”.

Sold, For Sale, or Open for Inspection?

For Sale

When you have outgrown your current home, you then start the process of looking for a new house. As part of this process, you typically have a list outlining the criteria that your new home must have (eg location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, etc). To complement this list, there are also the “nice to haves”, which could vary from a spa and sauna to a star gazing observatory in the loft, plus more!

As you progress through the searching process, for those houses that you are interested in pursuing further, there are three real estate signs located outside the front of these homes that typically catch your eye, “Sold”, “For Sale” and “Open for Inspection”.

“Sold” – forget this one, too late……but how much did it sell for?
“For Sale” – this looks interesting, I wonder what it’s like inside?
“Open For Inspection” – yep, let’s go in and have a look around and check it out.

This house searching process got me thinking……how do we promote ourselves in our place of employment and externally in the market from an innovation and creativity perspective?

Do people also view us with us with these “real estate” signs?

“Sold” – no new ideas, no interest in thinking differently, go away and stop bothering me!
“For Sale” – you have a range of valued creative ideas that you would like to share and promote within your workplace and the broader market.
“Open For Inspection” – you have some innovative thoughts that you would welcome feedback from your work colleagues which can then be modified as appropriate.

So…..what sign are you displaying?

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