Timing your “pop” just right!

281/365 - pop the bubbly.

Consider the champagne bottle from an anticipation perspective and I think you will agree that it is a world recognised winner on all fronts! So what is the key to its success?

The Shape
It is an impressive design that is bold at the base and sleek at the top that commands a prestigious occupation position when situated on the shelf with less humble bottles.

The Wrapping
The combination of a sophisticated bottle label with a wired opening mechanism is an engineering masterpiece.

The Cork
The unleashing of this pressurised stopper announces the progression of a carbonised fluid stream of enticing drinking refreshment culminating in a distinctive and highly audible popping sound!

So, when the champagne bottle that is characterised by its shape, wrapping and cork, is introduced into any party or special occasion, it is always greeted with an air of rapture and excitement!

But once it is opened and all the contents have been consumed, the bottle is now viewed with a past sense of occasion and one now spent. It can only be popped once, so the moment is eagerly cherished by all beholders.

In the corporate environment we can learn a lot from the champagne bottle when making any strategic announcements as you only get one chance to get the impact of the “pop” just right! Get it wrong and your important message becomes a fizzle.

The key is to gradually build and promote the anticipation via a combination of carefully scheduled pre-positioning communication snippets so when the time is optimum, your message goes off with an impressive “pop” and is immediately appreciated by all employees.

So focus on the timing and make sure that you get that “pop”……just right!



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  1. Marissa Vincent

     /  August 6, 2013

    It is such a life lesson to plan and anticipate others reactions. In some ways its almost good manners to think about and spend time preparing an event to gain the maximum positive feed back from you peers, clients and friends. The spent bottle consequently needs as much management, as in our times of corporate and environmental responsibility, dealing with the resources consumed and spent can impact greatly on the lasting memory of your intended audience. In many ways it offers as much of an opportunity as the pop, because depending on the way the residule is disposed of, the after affect can either be a pleasant memory of guiltless satisfaction or guilty overindulgence that must be paid for in the long term. Pop responsibly! Tall One.

    • Thanks Tall One for the fantastic and most informative feedback! Yes, I agree, we all need to “pop responsibly”! Cheers, Steve

  2. who knew? Thanks for sharing and yes, cheers is entirely appropriate here 🙂


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