The Corporate Costume

With Eyes as Dark as his Soul

Actors have brilliant costumes that assist them in getting their character…..just right. They can spend hours sourcing their clothes, make-up, supporting props to that required level of perfection.

What about the humble business person? Here the imagination is quite limited with the standard suit, shirt, tie, cuff-links and of course those well polished shiny black shoes.

But what if we considered ourselves actors working in a corporate environment? Now this gets interesting!

Why not have a business wardrobe that includes:

  1. Facial hair additions: moustache, beard, bushy eyebrows, long side buns?
  2. Hair additions: different hair colours, a pony-tail?
  3. Facial accessories: glasses, monocle, coloured contacts, scars?
  4. Clothes: cravat, bow-tie, scarf, braces, kilt?
  5. Accent: Italian, Greek, French, Irish?

Now that would be fun… would certainly make business a lot more interesting!

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  1. Anon

     /  June 19, 2013

    This is great – quirky and interesting!

  2. Yeah, why is it in the corporate world everyone is supposed to look the same, with only slight variations? I’ve always wanted to wear my pajamas and fez to work. Is that asking too much?


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