The Chief Corporate Wardrobe Selector

The costume wardrobe room for a theatre production is an amazing and vibrant place. It contains a multitude of various clothing props in a range of sizes, colours, designs, accessories, time-periods and fashions; it is almost like entering a “house of fiction” where the options for selection, combination and use are endless!

If you observe those entering the room, they will look quite normal. They will wear the same traditional casual or work attire that most people would adorn. However, on leaving the room, they will have a completely different appearance. It is almost as if the actor discards their normal appearance and personality in the wardrobe room from which they depart with a tantalising and decidedly new modus operandi for their behaviour. This new profile may be assertive, reserved, allusive or seductive; the key requirement is that it is different; their clothes also complement and support their new character.

This got me thinking about how people behave in the corporate office. If you study your colleagues in your workplace, you will see a high frequency of suits, ties, skirts, shirts and jackets. But how often do you see someone adorning a bow tie, stylish tartan shorts, a bright pink fluoro shirt, a beret, or some other unique clothing item? The answer is most rarely, if ever!

An actor uses a range of clothing costumes to enhance their character and to instil and encourage certain qualities that they want to promote during their theatrical performance. If all of your work colleagues are dressed similarly, this may lead so a standardised thought and minimal opportunity for those creative individuals amongst you to fully express themselves in the corporate office? Some people may also receive that additional “spark of motivation” that accompanies the wearing of a costume to break free from their “reserved person label”?

Why not encourage this opportunity for corporate creativity by having an “office costume room” that all employees must walk through as they arrive at work? Each person would be required to select a different costume each day, under the supervision of the “Chief Corporate Wardrobe Selector”, to inspire a different way of thinking in the office. At the conclusion of the working day, employees would once again pass through the “office costume room” and change into their traditional clothing attire.

Just a thought, but maybe it will help people think that little bit differently?

The Corporate Costume

With Eyes as Dark as his Soul

Actors have brilliant costumes that assist them in getting their character…..just right. They can spend hours sourcing their clothes, make-up, supporting props to that required level of perfection.

What about the humble business person? Here the imagination is quite limited with the standard suit, shirt, tie, cuff-links and of course those well polished shiny black shoes.

But what if we considered ourselves actors working in a corporate environment? Now this gets interesting!

Why not have a business wardrobe that includes:

  1. Facial hair additions: moustache, beard, bushy eyebrows, long side buns?
  2. Hair additions: different hair colours, a pony-tail?
  3. Facial accessories: glasses, monocle, coloured contacts, scars?
  4. Clothes: cravat, bow-tie, scarf, braces, kilt?
  5. Accent: Italian, Greek, French, Irish?

Now that would be fun… would certainly make business a lot more interesting!

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