A better measure of Time


In the office environment the traditional time measurement devices I believe are no longer appropriate.
It is time (no pun intended) to replace all watches and clocks with a much more practical measuring device…..yes, it is the “coffee break”!

Lets think about the advantages of this new system of measurement:

  1. The espresso: as the name suggests, a quick meeting where all participants get straight to the point, no mucking around….this is a serious discussion
  2. The long black: as this drink has additional volume, and is quite hot, it cannot be consumed quickly. It is perfect for those longer meetings where cooperation and engagement is required.
  3. The “large mug”: this is a serious meeting that cannot be rushed, typically an all day activity.

I’m sure you can think of many other coffee variations, but for me, this is the perfect time solution…….cheers!

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  1. As a dedicated coffee drinker I applaud this new measure of time! No coffee would be death for me. I like to think differently so I will follow your blog and see where it goes. Thanks for the recent like and visit to my blog. Cheers!

  2. Then there is the “Chocolate-covered coffee bean” – 60 seconds of hurry up, how can I help?!!

  3. Haha – love this! Celeste 🙂


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