The Voice in the Elevator

Elevator buttons

Yes, that voice in the elevator….the one that speaks to you in a monotone voice….”second floor”, “third floor”…..what a wasted motivational opportunity!

Why not customize that voice to suit the days of the week? For example, first thing Monday morning, the “voice” could be perky and welcoming to the office (eg: “yes, it’s Monday morning, may you have a great week as you exit at the second floor”). On Friday it could change to…”It’s fantastic Friday today, a real pleasure to take you to the second floor”).

But what if the elevator could have facial recognition….!!! Just imagine, a voice greets you with a personal salutation as you enter the elevator (“Hi Jane, welcome, have a great day working in your marketing role on the second floor”).

Many opportunities prevail….

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  1. Houda

     /  June 2, 2013

    May be the voice could give you little challenges for every floor, like: How many different uses for a pen can you think of by the next floor? or how many languages can you order a beer in? And if that gets annoying, people can just get off and walk up the stairs. It could get competitive, or it could get pretty annoying, in which case, people will just have to get off and walk up a few flights of stairs 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’m comfortable with SkyNet….uh, the elevator, knowing my name or recognising my face. 😉 😯


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