Working from Home


It’s 8:29 AM and I’m still not dressed for that important customer presentation that I’m making in one minute. No problem, I think my new dark grey suit with the white shirt and spiffy gold cufflinks will indeed do the trick! Yep, with a simple “click” it’s achieved and I look quite professionally impressive, even if I do say so myself!

Now for that lunchtime catch-up with the girlfriend. This suit is far too abundant in clothing for that rendezvous. For this interaction, a much more informal and seductive look is most definitely required. Arrh yes, “clothing outfit #37” is the choice. I look quite good, but my hair, it needs to be a tad longer. One “click” later, the job is done. Hang on, did I just notice my girlfriend’s dress change length? Whatever, she still looks great, not sure about the colour of those stockings though, a bit different, but I’m sure I will get used to in the short term.

Damn. I forgot about my meeting with the boss, which is right in the middle of my lunch date. All good though, I will just replicate myself, put my duplicate in a conservative looking suit and tie, and then in a highly focussed manner communicate with her at the scheduled time, whilst continuing my much more important girlfriend interaction (both of which will be none the wiser!).

It’s now 4 PM and time for my brainstorming session with my work colleagues. For this interaction, I think I might become 6’ 5” tall, add a few pounds to my weight and grow a straggly beard. Might even change my name for additional effect! That should test them a tad.

5 PM. Phew. What a day! I’m exhausted and these pyjamas that I’m wearing are feeling a little bit too loose and shabby. I might put a different pair on for tomorrow’s business activities. However, this working from home via an avatar and computer simulated virtual meeting room does have it’s benefits, and I don’t need to travel to a proper corporate office.

IM to Self: Might go to the gym tonight, my real avatar is starting to look a little bit too rotund for my liking!


Ok LinkedIn, I have a cunning idea for you!

Closeup portrait of a group of business people laughing

I am one of those people that always remembers a face, but am shocking when it comes to recalling a name. When travelling around on business, I immediately identify someone I know, and then when it comes to that all important name greeting…yes, a pregnant pause of embarrassment commonly prevails!

I, like many people, have a vast network of LinkedIn contacts that covers a range of colleagues where I live, interstate and internationally. Now this is where you need to pay attention LinkedIn….!!

What if you modified your iPhone LinkedIn App to have a GPS map that alerted you to whether one of your network contacts was near you (say within 50 metres)! If they were, a message would then be sent to you with their name, photo, role and their company. If you wanted to meet them, you could ping them with an SMS. Now wouldn’t that be great for those name forgetters like myself!

Yes, I’m sure that some of you might also be thinking that this App could also be extended to Facebook, but that’s for another type of social interaction and a plethora of other opportunities (and associated problems) springs to mind with this one!

Now, LinkedIn or Facebook, if you are going to explore this one further, don’t forget where this brilliant idea originated!

Your Personometer Count

Jogging around the reservoir #1

There is a noticeable surge in the flurry of corporate feet at the moment as they focus on one thing, their step count! For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s called the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) where work teams from all around the world compete with each other to achieve the greatest number of steps.

The step measurement device, called a pedometer, is strategically attached to the individual’s waist and accurately measures the number of “up and down” hip movements of the wearer. During the GCC, you will observe many corporates constantly on the move. They will be jogging on the spot, suggesting that business meetings be held whilst walking in the park, they will visit the café for their coffee that is located furthest away from the office, they will find any excuse to be mobile, they just want to be on the move. I’ve even heard of some people going to the gym late in the evening and walking the treadmill for hours whilst watching TV to achieve that optimum pedometer reading! At the end of each day, their pedometer count is recorded and compared with their competition.

Now this got me thinking!!!

It is said that innovation is stimulated through interaction with other people where ideas are exchanged. This can be done via informal discussions, meetings or anything that involves a degree of social intercourse. The key objective is to talk to your work colleagues and to bounce different thoughts of each other.

Now what if we could utilise the GCC pedometer concept to measure the number of people interactions that an individual has had during the day? The measurement device could be called a “personometer”.

There could also be a “personometer scale” where an interaction is defined by the following:
1 Personometer count = Talking to someone you know
2 Personometer counts = Talking to someone who you have not met before (which will provide the greatest opportunity for new ideas)

There would also need to be a distance and time receptivity built into the personometer so it deduces the length of the social interaction and how friendly and beneficial the encounter was between the recipients.

At the end of the day, the “personometer” count would be automatically collected and summed for those people in each corporate office. The results could then be used to identify which corporate offices are the most social, and those that are rather boring and “stand-offish” in their people interaction nature. It would also identify those employees that are best suited in building people relationships.

I also have a suspicion that there would be a direct correlation between the personometer count and the number of innovations devised by employees located in the more social corporate offices?

In summary, may I suggest you just get out there and talk to people, get to know new colleagues and try and optimise your personal personometer interaction count! It could also be rather fun….

Having the Right Ball Pressure

Pumped - 248/365

Let’s focus on the humble ball for a moment.

If it is too soft, it just flops on the ground and is of no use to anyone.

If it too hard, it bounces out of control and cannot be managed by the user.

The key is to have the air pressure inside the ball that is just right for the intended sporting application.

Similarly, we also need to have the optimum internal pressure in our lives to operate effectively, otherwise we could be too lethargic in our work practices and social activities, or we will spin out of control and bounce uncontrollably in all directions.

With the right balance of pressure, we will be much more consistent in all that we do and will continue to enjoy that happy bounce in our step!

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