The Room of Thought

Thinking RFID

In the corporate office it is sometimes quite difficult to find a quiet place to think and let your mind explore new and creative ideas owing to the continual work activity permeating throughout the building.

The solution……

What about having a dedicated “Room of Thought” strategically placed in a central position within the building that can be easily accessed by all employees?

This room would comprise the following “thought enhancers”:

1. An array of luxurious sofas
To make the employee comfortable to stimulate some different thoughts.

2. A dark face mask
To eliminate any outside influences that may distract the thinker. Each mask would also be equipped with a facial moisturiser to ensure no thinking side-effects.

3. Ear Muffs
Not your standard everyday ear muffs, but ones that can be used to block out all annoying sounds, or can be fitted with a user selection of thought provoking tones to assist with the creativity journey.

4. Gourmet Food Chute
An individual chute positioned above each sofa that provides a selection of tasty snacks and beverages to maintain the thinker during their moments of inspiration.

5. Foot Feather
To ensure no employees doze off during their time of thinking, a machine would be placed at the end of each sofa that contains a large feather that would randomly touch the feet of the employee to maintain optimum maintenance of thought.

6. Voice Activated Memo
Rather than having to be interrupted to stop and write your ideas of innovation in a book, each sofa would come equipped with its own voice activated memo writer that would accurately record ideas of creativity. The user would just need to whisper these thoughts and the recorder would develop a precise transcript.

I’m sure that many businesses would see the benefit of this “Room of Thought” and with time the concept will be a standard design in many leading office layouts!


The Holiday Room


“I really need a holiday, but I’m too busy to have one!”

I’m sure that you have all heard this phrase in your places of work. Many people are tired, stressed and in need of a break from work to unwind and relax. The problem is finding the time to get away.

The solution is the establishment of a “Holiday Room” in the office.

In the winter months, this room would contain bright lights, sand, ocean music, a small bathing pool and beach umbrellas. Employees dressed out in bathing suits, sunglasses and beach towels, would be able to book the “Holiday Room” for a private or communal sharing session in hourly time blocks to “get away from it all”.

In the summer months, the “Holiday Room” could be refrigerated with snow, an ice-cold bubbling water pool complete with plastic penguins floating on the surface and a variable speed wind machine.

Of course, there are many options available for the “Holiday Room” depending on the variety of tastes and cultures of the employees.

I’m sure that an experience in the “Holiday Room”, although not quite the real thing, would assist with employee relaxation and lead to a happier and more production work environment!

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