The Infectious Smile


Wow…..that was a great smile I told myself when receiving my coffee in the cafe! When this woman smiled, I, and everyone else she met just had to smile back. Her smile was genuine, natural, unforced and infectious.

This got me thinking….

How many people in your office “really smile”? Every business needs a “smiler” to initiate that human touch, to let people know that they are important and not just another employee number in the corporate organisation.

A “smiler” is like a little heat spot in the building that generates and radiates warmth that people are attracted to when needing a motivational uplift.

So why don’t we formalise the role of the “smiler” in the organisation chart? Those with the recognised “smiling skill” could list this attribute on their CV, and for those that are deemed “Masters of Smiling”, there would be a large salary increase entitlement to entice them to stay in the business! After all, these prized “smilers” would be the target of many a head-hunter (or smile-hunter)!

I also would suggest that each work department needs at least one accredited “smiler” to raise morale. For those working in the more dull work teams (eg accounting – apologies to any accountants that might be reading), a second “smiler” may be required!

So next time you see a person with a magnificent smile, please savour the moment and try to learn from the experience with the view of embellishing your own smile in the direction of “smiling grandness”!


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  1. 😀 Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Ha, I love the idea that a smile can become such a worthy skill as to have a place on the CV. It’s true though because the workplace would run far more effectively with a number of designated smilers in the team!

  3. Dianne Jackson

     /  August 15, 2013

    Smiling lifts the spirits of those who smile and those who are ‘smiled at’. Keep on smiling – can you see mine

  4. Hey Steve,

    Great post! As I walk around Boston, I see so few people smiling. Even on a gorgeous sunny day. People are too busy looking down at their smartphones.

    Keep smiling! 🙂


  5. gotta love a smile. It bothers me when folks think they need to look serious and unimpressed. How is that going to help folks get through the day? Love that you have a plan 🙂

  6. great point, and a genuine smile can change everything for you, or for someone else – beth

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