The Key to the Orchestra

Jan 3: Music manuscripts

As the conductor faces the orchestra, the most important item is the music manuscript which drives every musician on the stage. Each musician has a customized version of the master manuscript that is tailored to optimize their instruments output and to achieve a consistent and structured approach so the entire orchestra is unified.

This is a powerful business analogy:

1. The Music Manuscript
This is the strategy for the business and outlines the resources required, together with the timing needed to achieve the desired outcome. To write this manuscript, the composer needs a comprehensive appreciation of the instruments required to deliver the result, together with the expectations of the audience.

2. The Conductor
This is the CEO of the business who is in control of the total orchestral experience. A strong CEO motivates the players and keeps the orchestra on track. If necessary, the CEO will improvise and make changes to the manuscript based on the required needs of the audience or the experience and capability of the musicians.

3. The Musicians
Musicians are the functional departments within the business (eg Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, HR, etc). Each function makes a different sound which is emphasized within the business when required. Some sounds are the backbone of the business (eg the string section = manufacturing), other sounds make a big impact to make a statement (eg the brass section = marketing).
If one musician is playing out of key or is not in rhythm with the orchestra, this is noticed and a correction is applied.

4. The Audience
The audience is the customer who pays to hear the orchestra play.

5. The Music Critics
These are the shareholders. A bad review can lead to the sacking of the CEO and a change in music manuscript for the musicians.

The primary key to the success of all those in the orchestra is the manuscript. Get this right and everything leads to harmony!

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