E-mail Innovation

E-mail in notes

Wandering surreptitiously with a nonchalant manner throughout the corporate corridors you will find a unique and highly valued employee. This person typically wears work attire that just doesn’t seem to “hang together”, may have a button out of place, odd socks, a belt buckle that is providing a little bit too much pressure around the waistline, and have that distant, rather sheepish look in their eyes.

If you decide to follow these employees, they will quickly lose you and you will wonder where they reside in the office.

Their names are typically Bill, Bob, Brad or Jen, Jill, Jan – their names are never too long, and one that doesn’t leave any chance of a lingering impression.

So what do these valued employees do? These people have a direct reporting line to the organizations Innovation Director and it is their job to continually bombard you with new ideas, even if they are unwelcome, nor appreciated throughout your working day.

These employees have a skill in crafting prose, together with an eye for various font and image selection that is constantly varied to be either particularly exciting, or to be the most dull and uninteresting. Their work rate output is considered to be one of the highest in the corporate office.

Yes, these unique employees are the originators of all your SPAM E-mails. They are the official corporate SPAMMERS and their job is to frequently interrupt your concentration with strange and subtle ideas to entice you into thinking that little bit differently. However, sometimes they can get a little bit too enthusiastic!

So next time you are on E-mail, don’t forget to have a look in your SPAM folder to marvel at the works of your fellow employees. Some of these E-mail masterpieces might just lead to some glimmer of a new innovation?

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  1. How about the spam folder for WordPress…talk about intersting. 🙂 Great post.


  2. I never think of these SPAMMERS as corporate folk. Am assuming sending SPAM must pay off or they wouldn’t keep sending it out. Any insight on this?

    • Good question, I’m not a big fan of SPAM, but there must be some minuscule degree of success to encourage those SPAMMERS to continue with their annoying communications. Looking forward to reading about your next enticing blog post recipe!


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