The Power of a Small Drop

Water Drop


When a towel is placed under a tap where the water is flowing quite quickly, most of the water runs off the towel with minimal absorption. However, if the water velocity from the tap is reduced to a slow and steady drip, the towel now becomes very effective with the water collection as each drop has time to fully permeate into the fabric.

Let’s take this thought and consider its application to the implementation of a new idea or innovative, change application in business, or in our social activities.

If the mindset shift associated with the proposed change is too large, those individuals feeling the full force of the change action may not absorb it so it could be lost and have minimal or no impact. The key for success is to slowly drip feed the idea to allow the desired effect to slowly permeate into the organization (or individuals) to which it has been aimed.

However, in some circumstances where efforts to implement change continually encounter strong resistance, sometimes there is the need to use a water canon to blast the change through with maximum force! But this course of action tends to obliterate the “towel” and may not achieve the required result. There are also usually a lot of puddles to clean up afterwards which may require a larger number of fresh towels!

So for your next “change introduction” may I suggest you adopt the steady and slow drip and you will obtain a nice wet and saturated towel!


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  1. Oh, I like this. It’s kinda what I was trying to explain to some friends this morning about attending church for the first time. Take it slow and don’t rush the true transformation that can take place. Allow your mind the time.

  2. yes, to slow and steady wins the race.

  3. There’s a lot of power in what you say here. People don’t like change, so you can’t force it. Little drops help people get used to the idea and can allow people to transition over time. I have to remember that when I talk to people about veganism. No one is going to listen to me if I pound them over the head with challenging words. But a bit of sharing (and some yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies) here and there over time may have an impact. Of course, not everyone will go vegan, but if I blast them with it I’ll only alienate them. Great post!!

  4. strategyaudit

     /  November 19, 2013

    The alternative of course, is to get a bigger towel, big enough to ensure that the drops are absorbed.
    Commercially, there are times when aggressive change is necessary, usually a survival imperative, and in that case, the towel (behaviour, which means some of the people) need to be changed.
    These two different strategies both have their benefits and costs, choose wisely.
    Thanks for visiting my StrategyAudit blog.


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