Ingredients for the Corporate Cake


There is an endless variety of cakes available which encapsulates a huge spectrum of taste, appearance, texture and occasion….which I think is absolutely brilliant! After all, who would want to have just one type of cake, it would get boring very quickly.

Most organisations are differentiated by their corporate culture which uniquely defines them within the business world.

However, like a cake recipe, if the organisation doesn’t keep up with the changing tastes of their customers, shareholders and employees, the cake can become rather tired looking, uninspiring and rather passé.

The solution…..organisations need to keep improving their cake recipe. This change should not be too extreme, otherwise the original essence of the organisation is lost, but it needs to continually review it’s ingredients and keep pace with their environment.

These ingredients, whether their staff, products, patents, manufacturing location, or other key flavours, should be regularly reviewed for their potency and influence in the overall organisation. Over time, some ingredients can become too powerful in flavour and can lead to the cake being unpalatable.

Everyone relishes a good cake so why not make sure that your organisation maintains its position in the business recipe book!

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